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Pet Care Services 

Let us come to you with our pet care service!

Our pet care visits are the perfect option for having your pets stay at home waiting for you to come back, along with knowing someone is checking on your property as often as you like.

Now with afterpay as an option, we make it easy to pack your bags & head off for a relaxing time away with family & friends. 

You can place cats and dogs into boarding facilities with few issues, but they can also fret and become uncomfortable with a broken routine. Many pets can also stay home alone so why not take the stress away from them and you by leaving them in a familiar house or yard/pen to wait for you to come home. 

We do visits for any type of pet: Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Horses, fish, birds, you name it!


Feel free to call us for a quote or use our booking form
*Please note we do not have animals at our own home
OR stay for long periods at the pets home.

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Cowra Pet Care Visits
$35 per visit

A visit includes:

  • Pre- meeting to meet your pets & be shown how best to care for them, This is when you can give us a key and payment. 

  • Feeding & cleaning of water bowls

  • Playing & cuddles, a light brush can be done.

  • Administering medication

  • General health check 

  • FREE treats are given to your dogs or cats. (We double check this with you first )


  • Plant watering

  • Rotating lights and blinds

  • Collecting mail and newspapers

  • Taking out or bringing in Bins and recycling

  • Keep you updated with text & photos

  • Yard checks for peace of mind


Rural Property care Visits
$45 per visit

Happy to travel outside of the Cowra Area. 

  • We check that no pipes, hoses or sprinklers are broken or leaking.

  • If the automatic feeders & waters are ok (not guaranteed to never fail)

  • Feed all livestock & pets.

  • Happy to stay & watch dogs have a run outside of pens then lock back up.

  • Hose out dog pens/horse yards

  • Remove all advertisements and papers from the property

  • Circle outside of the property to visually check for any possible maintenance issues

  • Physically ensure that all doors are secure

*travel fee may apply 


Travel Charges
4WD Equipped 

We enjoy providing property and pet care services as far out as an hour's drive away but with the cost of fuel and other expenses, we need to charge a travel fee.

Count at a cost of $1.00 per kilometre from the edge of Cowra NSW (last housing area street)

This is only charged one way and has no impact on the amount of time we spend at your home with your pets.  

A pre-meeting fee of $20 to discuss your pet's needs and collect keys will apply. This can be paid at the meeting or added to your total due before you leave on your trip.

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Christmas school holidays

Kats n Dogs is available to provide pet care visits every day over the Christmas and New Year holidays 

  • Every dog or cat booked in for a visit gets a small gift from us on Christmas day. 

  • Due to the hot weather, we provide water buckets filled with fresh water as extras.

  • Christmas Day and New Year's Day have a surcharge of $5.00 per visit.  

If you would like to print out an information form to fill in about your pet that would help us know more about them 

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