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Australian Owned

What does Australian owned and operated mean?

Australian Owned was established to promote actual Australian-owned businesses. Many companies have masqueraded as Australian, but all their profits go overseas. Quite often they do not pay tax here. AO's stringent verification process breaks down complex company structures and 100% guarantees Australian ownership.

The use of the award-winning Australian Owned Certified (AO) logo for business evokes trust and confidence because it’s certified.  No one can just slap the logo on their marketing material or products.  

Ensuring that your money stays in Australia, grows the Australian economy and contributes to the long-term prosperity of our country. 

Our game meat dog treats named Southpoint collection are from the wild, therefore organic and we can guarantee we know where our products come from because we harvest, create and package them ourselves.

We also have our dogs taste test for quality control. 

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