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Pet Microchipping Service

We provide a convenient mobile service to pet owners & breeders to save time, money and the assurance their pet will be registered with the NSW pet registry.

We are happy to pop over after your home from work or on the weekend!

Same products and paperwork your local vet uses

  • $30 per pet Discount for litters over 6 ($25 pp)

  • Flexible hours we don't mind coming to you after work or dinner

  • Bring your pets into our shop in Cowra NSW 

  • Your puppies or kittens looking for new homes can be featured for free on our social media platforms


 If you sell or give away your registered dog or cat, you must transfer it to its new owner. You can transfer ownership: online through the NSW Pet Registry, or. in person at your local council. You can print the below form when selling or giving away a dog or cat to help in this process. ( Ony NSW as other states may differ)

All of this and more information can be found at the NSW pet registry website

Pet Transport

Cowra and surrounding areas NSW Only service.

Do you need to have your dog picked up from the vet and brought home to you?  Have you got a pet being boarded somewhere and want to have them delivered home or need your cat dropped off to a friends house?

We can help at the cost of $1.50 per KM plus $50 service fee.

 The welfare of our customer's pets is our number one priority. Unlike many other pet transport companies, we never pile them in and stack them high. All our customers have plenty of space to travel in Trailer & vehicle. There is never any compromise and we treat them as our own until we deliver them safely to you.

We can transport most pets from large dogs to small kittens or reptiles.

We provide all carry crates and carriers for the travel time.

Kitty Love
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