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Cowra NSW & Surrounding areas 


We will visit your house every day, as often as you want us to (one, two or three visits a day if needed) to ensure that your pet is safe, happy, fed, cuddled and cared for taking about 20min- 45mins depending on your pets needs. We are happy to defrost meat, warm up or chop meals all while spending time with them chatting away

To be honest, your dog or cat will only see staff at most boarding kennels once in the morning and once at night but the rest of the time can be alone in a pen next to unknown animals along with the risk of being let into a day yard with other dogs which may become aggressive but if they stay at home they can just wait for you to come home.

This is a particularly good option if you're a cat owner as it is a great alternative to catteries. Cat hate the car ride then are stressed at being in a cage surrounded by other unknown animals.

But also it can work out an easier option for you as you don’t need to drive to drop them off and go pick them up when you get home.

Its not just about the pets we bring in any parcels or mail, put your bins out on bin day, take care of home security i.e. open/close curtains, lights on/off , tv on/off and water plants including outdoor veggie patches.

No, we can’t have your pets at our home as we have our own cats and 5 dogs so it wouldn’t be fair on them to have strange animals come stay in their home.  

Yes we do. We travel to you at a time that suit you and

your family even after hours or weekends.

If you are unable to make a veterinary appointment for your cat, I can pick up and take them to their appointment on your behalf, and bring them back afterwards. 


Rest assured that they will be cared for and fussed over as though they were my own, as I am aware that some cats are nervous when visiting the vets (just like their owners!). 

You can book a dog walk or one of our enrichment sessions where we provide puzzle reward toys, balls, treats and have a great play session with your dog or even cats.

If you would like to make a booking, please complete our booking form, and we'll get back to you straight away. 

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