Why should dogs have all the fun . Cats will love this puzzle toy!

Melon Madness Puzzle & Play by Nina Ottosson is a great way to give your cat the play time they need while your at work or out of the house for long periods.  

Cats bat at the pegs ,swivel & parts to uncover the 6 hidden treat compartments.

A packet of our best treats will be sent with this puzzle toy to have your cat enjoy it right from the moment you unpack it. We will select the best suited treat for the opening and design of the toy. 

You are more then welcome to buy more treats to come with it we will adjust the selection of cat treats with the extras you order to make sure you get a wide variety

It can be adjust to easy or difficulty and with the fun of finding a treat from our product range they will always be happy to play with this puzzle. 


Puzzle n Play