Our Aussie beef puffs are 100% natural , low fat, low odour with beefy taste dog treat. Now comes in reusable bag


Dried Beef Lung is suitable for all breeds. Especially suitable for older and over weight dogs.

Made by us we know its one of our best products and a favorite with all our dogs.

They are light and easy to crunch, bite size treats.

Approx 20 pieces per hessian bag

Ella's Beef Puffs

  • When we say 100 % we mean nothing added at all. No wheat flour, glycerine, sugar, tapioca starch,wheat gluten, lecithin, cellulose, fish marine extract, beef flavour, salt, Sodium tripolyphosphate, preservative, Vitamin E, colourant. YEP thats whats in some store brought treats scary isnt it?

    They are unnecessary and unhealthy, and it’s not clear exactly what are the preservatives, flavourings, and colourings.

    We like our way better.