Nina Ottosson Dog Smart - Level 1

  • Comes with a free packet of our best treats to suit this puzzle toy 
  • Easy start for your dog , getting them into puzzle play is great for their mind and body.
  • Hide, seek, treat style game for your dog. 
  • Use their natural hunting skills to seek out the hidden treats
  • Show your dog how to play with it, let your dog see the treats & then give him the challenge to get the treats out with paw or nose work..
  • Requires focus and a bit of brain power to solve.
  • Easy to clean 



Smart Puzzle

AU$36.00 Regular Price
AU$34.20Sale Price
  • A packet of our best treats will be sent with this puzzle toy to have your dog enjoy it right from the moment you unpack it. We will select the best suited treat for the opening and design of the toy. 

    You are more then welcome to buy more treats to come with it.