Cost is $50 per dog   


Adventure Dog Walks

Let your dog have an Adventure! Approximate 2 hours in an on-leash state park, play area, township or farmland.

We never walk more than two dogs per person at a time, so your dog is cared for the whole time & alongside other social dogs for a great walk, run, jump, roll, swim and sniff with his or her new friends.

We can provide a walk that is for the more relaxed, less energetic dog or our Regular walk is lots of playing, running, swimming high adventure group walk. Includes pick up/drop off.

We are experienced in dog walking all sizes of dogs, are trained in the control and care of multiple dogs at once. Also have been trained in Domestic pet First Aid by TAFE NSW.

We will send you lots of text/ photos/ videos so that you may share in the joy that your best friend is happy living his best life possible 

Adventure walks are planned weekly on Friday mornings or if you are not home we still can arrange to pick up. The total cost is $50. 

Free meeting with you & your dog before the booking is needed to check harness / collar size we need to use for safety reasons and to go over any behaviours. 

These are not walks where your dog needs to 'heal' and use all his manners so excitable high energy dogs are ok with us
Email or call us to arrange a meeting 

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